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3-Betting 101 for Beginners: Linear versus Polarized Ranges ... By Alton Hardin. Introduction. For beginners, 3-betting can be a confusing concept to understand and properly apply at the poker tables. With so much theory being discussed in books, forums, and training videos its easy for beginners to get lost in a fog of poker haze, not knowing when to 3-bet, what range of hands to 3-bet and why. What is 3 Betting and When to do it? - What is 3 betting ... 3 Betting is the situation in poker where the inital raiser is raised. If you are confused why a 3 bet is called a 3 bet, think of the big blind as the first bet, the initial raiser as the second bet, which makes the reraise of the inital raiser the 3rd bet: hence the term 3 bet.

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A Complete Guide to the Poker 3-Bet | Poker Strategy Tips In today's ultra aggressive online poker games you can't sit at a table for more than an orbit without facing at least one re-raise (3-Bet) before the flop. Many players, however, don't even understand the reasons behind their actions. Four-Bet Folding - Why You Should Never 4-Bet Fold

Understanding the Three Bet in No Limit Holdem In aggressive no limit poker games, you’ll often find players that are reraising an initial opener. This action is called a “three-bet” and means it is the third “bet” that enters the pot, after the blind and the first raise.

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3-Бет в покере – это второе повышение в торгах на префлопе. Например, если один участник торгов ставит Бет (или не ставит, но блайнд уже стоит, так что Бет все же... Покерная статистика: 3Bet и Fold to 3Bet 3Bet – показатель, который демонстрирует нам в каком количестве случаев оппонент делает ререйз после того, как кто-то из игроков сделал повышение до него. Как правильно определить размер 3-бета? - PokerListings Покер онлайн > Покер стратегия > Стратегии безлимитных кэш покер игр. Как правильно определить размер 3-бета? 3-бет свинг Автор статьи - Саймон «Rhymenoceros» Хемсворт - профессиональный игрок в кэш- покер с десятилетним стажем. Рабочий лимит британца - NL1к.